Partnership Management

Partnership Management

The partnership landscape has changed dramatically. Companies are no longer content with just brand awareness - they want to connect with audiences in ways that build trust and loyalty.   Organizations that are stuck in the Gold, Silver, Bronze "medal level" game are increasingly finding themselves overlooked by companies that are gravitating toward more meaningful sponsorship; those that demonstrate how their brand is a relevant, important component of the audience experience.


Our Partnership Management Team of professionals are responsible for driving revenue for your public or not-for-profit organization, and we want to take an organized, professional approach towards designing, marketing and selling their partnership program.


We Design Your Partnership Program. 

We identify, package and create value for your organizations' partnership assets.  We create our own Customized Partnership Program that provides meaning to your event, not just another dollar spent.

What We Can Do For You

  • Identify your marketable assets

  • Determine the value of your sponsorship offerings

  • Leverage your audience to expand the range of potential sponsors​

  • Customize sponsorship packages that push prospect "hot buttons"

  • Transition from "donations" to more lucrative marketing budgets

  • Build social media and other audience engagement elements into your sponsorship proposals

  • Prepare professional agreements

  • Build an internal culture that supports your sponsorship program

  • Manage sponsorship lists and correspondence

  • Build long term relations with sponsors to support your event or organization for years to come

  • Evaluate, research and develop high return sponsorship packages with room for consumer activation and brand experiences 

  • Design and develop successful sponsorship decks that attract, engage and sell your sponsorship packages

  • Manage your sponsor   agreements to ensure complete  fulfillment

Building Your Long Term Partnership Program

One of the biggest challenges facing not-for-profit and public sector organizations, is how to effectively engage and recruit corporate partners.


Going out and just selling an event has become a standard approach for many organizations. 


Our approach is to engage and involve your partnership so that values are seen and presented in a way that lets them be a part of the action. 


Our sales representative will liaison to local, regional, national and international businesses and will assist in the development of the key community and regional partnership programs.


The Right Pitch

      with the Right Idea

             to the Right Person